Self portrait 2021

My Approach

Photography is where science and art meet to form an image, a fleeting moment. My goal is to capture the beauty and inner spirit of all of my clients. It is with this vision that I approach the shoot, to obtain a natural and graceful picture.

My Story

One of my earliest memories is being in the darkroom with my father, watching blank pieces of paper magically develop into photographs. Early inspirations were Robert Mapplethorpe, I was drawn to the beauty of both nature and humans. Formal studies include Commercial Art, Photography and Web Design.

What’s the deal with bees?

Bees teach us to engage fully in our creative endeavors. They remain focused in their activities and do not get distracted from their goal.

The honeybee is a symbol of work, creative activity, transformation, team work, busyness, cooperation, obedience, orderliness, and diligence. The honey it produces is a symbol of wisdom, rebirth, and positive changes in spiritual or moral direction and temperament.